Monday, 12 November 2012


Wow....2 months later and here I am. Well I will have to start off by saying that there are going to have to be some changes to "once upon a portable"......mainly because I am no longer in a portable! 

Since my last post, I have been moved to a new school, and put in a new grade with a new class. After 2 months of setting up my class (again) whilst teaching, and learning a new grade, I am ready to return to the world of blogging.

I am now teaching a 1/2 split to 18 lovely little darlings. Thank goodness for that, or else I may have lost my mind in this whole blurrrrr. So, here I am, back in cyberspace....and now I need a new name.

Any ideas??

ALSO. Just posted my newest addition to TPT, an All Year Long Poetry Resource. Check it out here!

Now that I have been reborn a primary teacher (once again), I will try to keep up with my blogging and stalking.
Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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